Let’s make you a hero while you’re here.

We all have challenges when it comes to launching your products. If it’s reached the right customer at the right time? For example, imagine you want to launch your innovative product and you are overwhelmed to approach agencies as you are not aware of - what type of social media marketing, Public Relations, or advertising will work for you?

This is where we come in :

As we are a group of the creative and crazy bunch who loves copywriting, graphic designing, and movie making and creating content

Honing our skills and helping you shine:

Yes, we understand your pain and we worked and brainstormed to come up with this agency to offer a comprehensive package that hears you out - Totally!

This All in one star package will give you visibility and create awareness for your product As well as expand your outreach with our content videos for social media, blog articles or press releases, Brand Tagline, and stunning logo designs. So come along as we help you outshine your competitors.




"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years."

- Bill Gates

Meet The Team

"The Space Fanatic
(Also of Cameras)
Shariq Anwar
Director of Photography
"Little Poetic, Little Wacko"
Saumya Puri
Creative Director
"Staying in Fashion, Created Heads Up with Passion"
Anitha Lakshminarayanan
Founder & CEO